Bourbon Babe: Another contest!


Bourbon Heritage Month is winding down, but prime bourbon-drinking season is just beginning. Won’t it be nice to curl up next to the fire with a glass of your favorite brand and a good book?

The Bourbon Babe is here to help you with that last part. I’m giving away a copy of “Four Roses:…

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Mourning the death of Google Reader’s social features

and again, only a week’s notice to save everything? really?  
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Google's search by drawing feature

This is kind of amazing…you draw a graph and Google Correlate finds query terms whose popularity matches the drawn curve. I drew a bell curve, a very rough one peaking in 2007, and it matches a bunch of searches for “myspace”.

Google Correlate

This fits beautifully with the previous post about Vonnegut’s story shape graphs.

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